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Q-SYS LIMS Software is designed to ensure maximum efficiency in the laboratory

Q-SYS LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) is just one module of a Windows™ Quality Control software solution by Clyde Computing designed to meet an organisation's quality needs. Organisations of all sizes are running Q-SYS LIMS in industries including Food, Dairy, Drinks, Brewing and Environmental. Our experience in this sector is second to none ensuring that you receive a custom LIMS system designed to meet your exact needs. Q-SYS LIMS has been continually developed for over 20 years incorporating customer feedback to ensure a truly intuitive, efficient, feature rich environment. Designed for ease of use with under pressure lab staff in mind Q-SYS LIMS returns tangible benefits in very little time.


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LIMS QSamples are identified by a simple coding scheme designed to suit your laboratory.

LIMS QExtensive reporting facilities - PDF, Spreadsheets, XML, Emailing, Faxing

LIMS QComplex custom validation and calculations can be carried out.

LIMS QA complete audit trail is kept of all changes to both sample and test information.

LIMS QA choice of screens is available for every situation including logging in samples, entering test results on single or multiple samples, operator viewing and inspecting the audit trail.

LIMS QTest results are automatically highlighted according to specification, with custom messages informing staff what action to take, so reducing training needs.

LIMS QA powerful user status feature allows positive release to be controlled directly from the system.

LIMS QUsing information stored in the Q-SYS Specification database, the system informs technicians which tests to carry out.

LIMS QOn screen graphs are available at the click of a button to view trends.

LIMS QIntegrated Media and Reagent control



Q-SYS LIMS can be installed as a stand-alone application or combined with the below modules to create a comprehensive multi-purpose quality system

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