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Q-SYS LIMS Sample flow diagram

LIMS QSample Source:
The sample source may be an internal sample or an external customer.

LIMS QSample Login:
The sample is logged in using the sample login screen. The product and process combination locates the correct specification. The specification will add the required tests for that sample automatically. Additional tests can be added on an ad hoc basis. Identification labels in barcode format can be automatically printed for document association and petri dishes/test tubes etc.

LIMS QDocument Association:
The generated barcode labels can be attached to any related physical document such as a sample request form. These documents are then scanned onto the system in a batch. Q-SYS will process the scanned documents reading the barcode and associating them with the correct samples allowing ease of access and file management.

LIMS QTest Entry:
Tests result can be entered via the keyboard or read directly from a selection of instruments. The Test due date and times are calculated by the system and any results entered are highlighted against the Specification and users notified of actions to take for out of specification results. A powerful Sample and User status feature controls positive release of samples.

LIMS QReporting:
Q-SYS LIMS comes with a number of standard reports and the ability to design your own. Reports can be generated in a number of formats such as PDF, Spreadsheets, Graphs, XML etc. and can be printed, emailed or faxed.

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