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Q-SYS LIMS Media Control

Media and Reagent Control is an integrated part of Q-SYS LIMS which can be enabled if required. Managing your media supplies, allocation and state can be a time consuming task. Q-SYS Media control enables you to keep control of media batches and usage with no paperwork and little additional effort.


  • Media and reagent stocks can be booked in by barcode. You can use the manufacturer’s barcode which often includes Use By information

  • Technicians are prevented from entering media that is out of date, they can also be warned if media is nearing the end of its shelf life, or stocks are low

  • Media stocks are automatically decremented as they are used, you can set re-order levels to suit your requirements

  • If there’s a media or reagent failure, Q-SYS instantly flags test results as void.



Q-SYS LIMS Electronic Document Storage and Recognition

One of the major purposes of any LIMS system is to reduce paperwork in the lab. However, there are many critical micellaneous documents that still manage to find their way into the laboratory environment. Q-SYS LIMS provides a mechanism to store these electronically and associate them with corresponding samples, tests, specs, suppliers, customers etc.


  • Q-SYS generates barcoded labels for you to attach to documents. The documents can then be scanned in bulk. Q-SYS reads the electronic images of the documents and recognises the records they refer to based on the barcode. It then converts them to PDF and stores them within the Q-SYS file system.

  • Related documents can be viewed easily from Q-SYS menu options

  • Ease of access for auditing and referencing purposes - no more time spent hunting through archaic paper based filing systems

  • Supervisors have complete control over what types of documents users can see and have access to

  • Q-SYS has been designed to print to rugged industry standard label printers such as the Cognitive Blaster family of printers for use in harsh conditions or when heat resistant barcode lables are required for incubator use. And also to more office friendly Dymo label printers when cost is an issue.

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