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Q-SYS LIMS Reporting

Q-SYS LIMS provides a comprehensive suite of standard reports and exports along with the ability to design your own. The Q-SYS LIMS report and export designer are integrated into the underlying Equinox database technology meaning there is no need to purchase external reporting software such as Crystal Reports, saving you money and cutting down on training costs.

Q-SYS LIMS Reporting Formats

Q-SYS LIMS allows the generation of reportable data in a number of formats. For example...

  • PDF

  • Graphical

  • Spreadsheets

  • XML

  • CSV and other text formats

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Example Reports

LIMS - Certificate of Analysis

LIMS - Micro Results

LIMS - Multi Samples

LIMS - Statistics Monthly

Q-SYS LIMS Custom Report and Routine design

Clyde Computing offer a comprehensive custom design and consultancy service giving you the option to have reports and reporting routines made to your exact specifications. As part of your installation Clyde Computing will ensure that all your current reports are translated into Q-SYS format so you can carry on using them direct from Q-SYS LIMS. Further custom reports, spreadsheets, charts etc. can be added at any time with discounted hourly rates available as part of your support and maintenance package.

Q-SYS LIMS Integrated emailing and faxing

Q-SYS LIMS includes an integrated email and fax module. Just like the report designer the features are completely integrated into the underlying software meaning no external 3rd party products are required. Reports/spreadsheets/graphs can be emailed to customers/suppliers/staff direct from standard menu options or in custom designed batch reporting routines. Q-SYS LIMS provides the ability to password protect PDFs at Owner and User level allowing you to send important reports to clients with confidence. Multiple attachments can be zipped into a single password protected file before sending.

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