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Q-SYS LIMS Security and Auditing

Security and Auditing is central to any LIMS system. Q-SYS LIMS security model is a multi layered, comprehensive, flexible collection of configurable user, group and location settings designed to cover any eventuality. Every action performed on Q-SYS LIMS is traceable back to the user, time, date and workstation providing you with full auditing and accountability. Q-SYS LIMS gives you and your clients the peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is completely secure.


  • Multi layered security model separating the underlying database from the Q-SYS software

  • Control all aspects of sample management from Sample Login and Result Entry through to Positive Release, Authorisation and Certificate generation

  • Full audit history of all changes to a sample throughout it's life cycle for industry compliance

  • Automatic notifications emailed to system admins

  • System log maintained detailing all sample deletions, error messages etc. along with the user, location, date and time

  • Secure internal messaging system and bulletin board

Q-SYS LIMS Security Model

Equinox Internal Format

Q-SYS LIMS is the ideal solution for those who consider the privacy of their data paramount. All data stored in Q-SYS LIMS is in a proprietary format native to the underlying Equinox database. This ensures that no third party application can mine the data.

Complete Sample Audit History

Q-SYS LIMS maintains a complete audit history of every change made to a sample throughout its life cycle. Changes to fields, status, results etc. are all recorded allowing you to see a complete image of the sample at the moment each change was made along with the user who made the change, when they made it and what machine they were using at the time.

System Error Log

The system error contains a history of actions and notifications that occur on the system. Record deletions and other critical operations are recorded here along with fall traceability data. Options can be selected to record error and warning messages displayed to staff giving supervisors a clear understanding of what has occurred while they have been away.

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